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If you want your property to fulfil its potential, you need to invest in a hardscaping service that will take full advantage of the exterior spaces that exist on your property. Hardscape provisions can deliver a lot of utility to any property, and you’ll find that the value they provide goes far beyond practical use. Our company can handle a range of different hardscapes and installations, and if you’re not considering such services, you’re only harming your property in the long run. Read on below and you’ll find further information on the various hardscaping services we offer, and some reasons why you should be considering them for the betterment of your property.

minimalist covered big balcony with kitchen appliances
warm cozy brick landscape and wood fences
big swimming pool with plant views

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wood walls and concrete bricks for plant landscape

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inground swimming pool with a brick and wood floor


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black and white concrete bricks on the floor
inground swimming pool with a brick and wood floor
wood walls and concrete bricks for plant landscape




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Hardscape Contractor Gilbert, AZ

warm cozy brick landscape and wood fences

Your exterior hardscapes are a crucial element in the usability and quality of your property, and you’d be crazy to neglect these aspects of your domestic or commercial site. We can deal with an individual installation service, or deliver a comprehensive makeover of your property’s exterior – with every aspect of it covered. This will give you a harmonious aesthetic across the entirety of your property.

designed concrete brick patio with a beautiful view

Your patio can be used to entertain guests, for dining during the day or in the evening, for relaxation and leisure purposes, and even grilling and barbecuing – so there is a lot of utility and value to having one installed on your property. We’ll create an attractive design and carry out the fitting process, ensuring that you have a long-lasting patio that will stand the test of time.

“Thank you to Gilbert Hardscapes for getting my home’s outside spaces in order. My property needed a facelift, and now my driveway, patio, and pool deck all have a uniform look which I love. I was also thrilled with how inexpensive it was all things considered.” – Glenda M.

minimalist covered big balcony with kitchen appliances

Outdoor kitchens are one of those property features that we like to call aspirational – they’re the kind of feature that you see at another person’s property that you just wish you had – and this is reflected in their effect on the value of a property with them. With our outdoor kitchen installations, you’re certain to receive a high class attractive installation, with extensive utility infrastructures that make cooking a breeze. Of course, due to the great weather we have in our area, you’ll be able to use it all year round.

big swimming pool with plant views

Pools are a common sight in Gilbert, Arizona – as we have the all-year-round weather to use them in January or December, and any month in between. All of our pool decks boast incredible build quality, with an emphasis on safety due to their slip and skid resistance. You can expect all of our pool decks to happily withstand pressures from constant moisture as well as intense sunshine.

concrete bricks for patio surrounded with landscapes

We have a wide range of different pavers available to the homes and businesses of the area, and each of them have their own qualities and characteristics that could make them a fine choice for you. With brick, concrete, flagstones, cobblestones, and more in our wheelhouse, you’ll have no shortage of options in front of you. Balancing durability and aesthetic delight, each paver is guaranteed to delight once installation is completed.

black and white concrete bricks on the floor

Your driveway is amongst the most important parts of your home, as it sets the tone for how people will perceive the rest of your property. A quality driveway installation could increase the valuation of your property in a substantial way, and that’s not even considering the salability of the site. Naturally, all of our driveway installations are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing – and the fitting process will be relatively quick due to our unmatched efficiency.

“I’m giving two thumbs up to the outdoor kitchens team at Gilbert Hardscapes! My new installation makes my home feel so classy, and everyone can’t stop telling me how jealous they are of it. Very polished service, with a team of great pros – keep up the great work!” – Dennis R.

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At Gilbert Hardscapes, we are home to highly experienced hardscape contractor teams that are ready and able to manage any hardscaping tasks that you have for them. We’ve operated with them in our ranks since our inception many years ago, and throughout that time we’ve provided the Gilbert, Arizona area with high class installations that totally outperform the creations of the other hardscape contractors in Gilbert. We do our utmost to provide complete customer satisfaction, often going the extra mile to cover any special requests or accommodations for our valued customers – so you know we’re a company that will put your needs first.


We’ve got a rock solid range of hardscaping provisions that will make sure you’re totally covered in any hardscape related project you’re looking to get started with. We’re adept at using a series of different pavers and materials, and you can expect the same quality result whatever your material choice is. We work on projects great or small, and cover anything from patios and walkways to outdoor kitchens and pool decks. If there’s a task for us that you have in mind, but you’re not sure whether we’ll be able to help, just reach out to our customer service team for clarity.

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If you’re looking for any kind of hardscaping expertise, we’re the company you can trust with your property. Get on the phone to our customer service agents today, and they can provide you with more detailed information on our service provisions, as well as the prices we charge and the availability of our expert contractors. They’re reachable through our main telephone number during our normal working hours, or you can find them through our online contact form – with both available via our website. Get in touch with us today, and help us to help you!

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