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Pool Decks

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Gilbert Hardscapes is one of the leading providers of pool decks in the Gilbert, Arizona region – and it should come as no surprise to any local person just how much business we get in this area. Pools are very common among residents of this part of Arizona, no doubt in part due to the incredible weather that we experience all year round. Few parts of the United States, let alone the rest of the world, get as many hours of sunshine as we do, with such intense temperatures. That makes our local area an ideal location for people that want to enjoy lounging around in a pool, or sunbathing on their pool deck. If you want to be sure that you’re receiving a high class pool deck installation, you ought to invest in a reliable and affordable hardscape contractor like Gilbert Hardscapes.

Long Term Resistance

As pool decks will obviously be in contact with a lot of moisture, they need to have certain resistant qualities to ensure they last a long time without deteriorating. Our company can provide a range of materials for use in a pool deck, but they all have one thing in common – incredible durability. This means that they’ll be able to stand up to consistent contact with moisture, and perhaps even more importantly, the intense temperatures that we get across the year. Any good pool deck needs to have these two resistant qualities to be at all worthwhile for a resident of Gilbert, Arizona.

Safety Matters

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it many times in the future – our number one priority will always be safeguarding our customers from harm. While pools and pool decks are an environment wholly associated with fun and leisure, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a hazardous zone where serious injury can occur. That’s why we use materials that promote skid and slip resistance – which means fewer falls. Of course, we also do our utmost to ensure the structural stability and uniform surface provides no chance of a surprise trip for anybody.

Coping Quality

While the large areas of the pool deck obviously matter a great deal, the pool coping is just as important, and perhaps even more so. The pool coping is the area that separates the pool’s shell from the surrounding deck area. A good quality coping structure prevents water from infiltrating behind the pool’s shell, which can cause problems later down the line. Our coping structures will make sure that water is safely channeled into the drainage system, which will eventually see it return to the main pool.

Consider Travertine

While at our company there is a range of material options available to our customers, perhaps the most popular amongst them is travertine. This is a variation of limestone which comes in an array of colors and styles, and it has a strong set of material properties that makes it ideal for pool decks. Travertine is very durable, and effortlessly handles the extreme changes in temperature that we experience on a daily basis in Gilbert, Arizona.


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